The SRZ Municipal Organization’s establishment in Lower Liptov’s center dates back to 1945. As part of the reconstruction of the war-ravaged economy, the question of stocking streams became relevant because relying only on the natural spawning of fish was no longer possible.

This activity brought together roughly two dozen fishermen, who, based on the initiative of Jozef Bogyi and several other enthusiasts, convened the founding meeting of the organization under the name Podtatranský sport fishing organization. He managed the streams from Východná to Kraľovany, i.e., almost all of Liptov. Even in the same year, after the establishment of separate organizations in Ružomberok, Liptovský Mikuláš, and Liptovský Hrádok, fishermen from Ružomberok farmed on the Váh section from Dechtáre to Kraľovany and the left bank of the Orava River to bridge Žaškov.

In 1947, members of the association had already built a wooden hatchery on Podsuchá, which was later replaced by a modern fish hatchery with rearing ponds (also on Podsucha). Its construction was completed in 1955 for almost 2 million Slovak crowns.

In 1948, a new committee was convened, whose chairman was Jozef Hariň, secretary Jozef Bogyi, accountant Juraj Bukvaj and fishing farmer Zoltán Hámor. These officials significantly contributed to the organization’s activities for over four decades.

After 1947, SRZ started building various fish farming facilities and sports ponds. In the conditions of Ružomberok, it was fishing on Kňažka, which was later replaced by ponds near Štiavnička due to the construction of a pulp and paper plant. In addition, carp ponds near Lisková and Liptovský Michal were built. The purchase of a villa on Fullová Street and its subsequent reconstruction into the Fisherman’s House, which has been used since 1983, was an essential investment of the Ružomberok fishermen´s association.

Sports activity also had the merit that MsO SRZ Ružomberok was evaluated three times as the best and most active within the entire SRZ. The Ružomberok team regularly participated in the national league in fishing techniques. Ladislav Chmelko led the Czechoslovakia representation for several years.

The organization also achieved similar successes in the 1st national league in fishing with a fishing rod. Jozef Bogyi, a national team member for six years and a state coach for four years, was primarily responsible for these successes.

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